Free 2 GB Mozy Account, Never Expires

Free 2 GB Account. No trials or set up fees and never expires. Back up and store photos, documents and songs with MozyHome Free. Try it out for as long as you want.

Unlimited Backup. Automate or schedule your backups. File recovery is quick and easy. Available web-based or DVD data restore. Never worry about losing your data again.

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Free 15-Day Trial

Unlimited Backup. Protect your music, pictures, documents, etc. Automatic back up process and never forget again. Backup is encrypted at data centers to protect your privacy.

Remote File Access. Access backup files anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. Use email address and Carbonite password to login.

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Free 15-Day Trial

Secure File Sharing. Email colleagues or friends you'd like to share files with. Give them online access to data stored in your ElephantDrive account.

Differential Backups. Save time by backing up only new or modified files after the initial backup. Increase speed and efficiency of backup process.

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Mozy is an online backup service. Consumers can sign up for Mozy accounts at With Mozy membership, they can transfer their computer files over the Internet to Mozy's data centers. The files are stored for any future retrieval. Important documents, videos, and pictures can now be backed up without worry that they'll ever be lost.

To use Mozy, simply download the Mozy software, install it, select what files you want to back up and then back them up. Configure automatic or scheduled backups. The process is easy and quick.

There are two different Mozy accounts. MozyHome and MozyPro. The two types of accounts cater to different markets with MozyHome focusing on casual and home users, and MozyPro focusing on businesses.

MozyHome is offered for free for consumers that want to try it out. Those interested can sign up for a free 2 GB MozyHome account that never expires. No credit card is needed for this trial. This account has full functionality as with the paid MozyHome account. The only exception is the 2 GB storage limit.

MozyHome Unlimited is an account that provides unlimited online storage. It's a paid subscription that costs $4.95/month. Users who sign up for a year or two year membership get additional discounts.

MozyPro is an account designed for businesses that need online backup solutions. Included in a MozyPro account are features and functions exclusive to the account. Easy account management of multiple computers, bandwidth throttling, alerts and permissions, data security, and various file support are just a handful of characteristics for MozyPro.

The Good:
  • Free 2 GB Account. Never expires. No credit card required for activation.
  • Unlimited Backup. No storage restrictions. Backup automatically or schedule backups.
  • Version Snapshot. Restore any backup file version up to 30 days into the past.

The Bad:
  • No file sharing in home version. Sharing in pro version limited to licensed users.


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