Free 7-Day Credit Monitoring Trial

Experian Credit Score. Check your Experian credit score for free. Learn to better manage credit. See what lenders see.

Triple Advantage. Monitor credit records at the three national credit bureaus. Alerts for Equifax, Experian & TransUnion when critical changes are made.

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Free 30-Day Trial

Free Credit Scores. Immediate access to all national bureau credit scores. Check your credit health & learn how it is calculated. See all the scores & compare the differences.

3-Bureau Credit MonitoringCheck TransUnion, Equifax, & Experian credit records for daily changes. Notifies you through email alerts when suspicious activity occurs.

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FICO Scores Are Important

FICO Scores. Available for both Equifax & TransUnion credit files. See the credit scores that 90% of largest banks use on credit applications.

FICO Score Simulator. Create models to simulate credit actions & scenarios. See effect and learn how to better manage credit score.

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Equifax Credit Watch

With Equifax Credit Watch, you can be reassured that you're getting a comprehensive credit product offering that will help you better understand and protect your credit. Equifax Credit Watch includes several components to achieve this goal. Featured in Equifax Credit Watch offering is a credit monitoring service that keeps tab on not only your Equifax records but also your Experian and TransUnion records. This comprehensive aspect of the Equifax Credit Watch product will allow you to know everything, all changes that are made about your credit worthiness.

There are several configurations that you can opt into with Equifax Credit Watch. Whether you go with the standard Gold package, or the Gold with Credit Monitoring and Score Power, or even if you go with the Equifax Credit Watch Silver, you'll get unlimited access to your bureau credit scores. These bureau credit scores are consolidated into one place from the three main credit bureaus in the country. Try an Equifax Credit Watch offering and see how helpful it can be in helping you make smarter credit decisions. You won't regret testing out Equifax's Credit Watch.


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